Synergistic development of international shipping and international trade under the Belt and Road strategy

Nowadays, international shipping and international trade are developing very rapidly, and the “Belt and Road” strategy also brings new platform and opportunity to the development of China’s shipping industry. China’s economic development pays attention to openness, and after becoming a member of WTO, it has created great economic benefits in opening up to the outside world by using two methods of importing and going out, and not only that, but also effectively promoted the development of the world.

Therefore, under the background of continuous innovation of international shipping and international trade, it is necessary to promote the core competitiveness of China’s international shipping and international trade in the international market according to the strategy of “one belt and one road”.

1.Strengthen the construction of cooperative development system of international shipping and trade enterprises and enhance the comprehensive level of cooperative development

According to the actual development situation of “One Belt and One Road”, the synergistic system of international shipping and trade is generally not given sufficient attention, which leads to the overall level of the development of “One Belt and One Road” strategy cannot be effectively improved. Enterprises in the industry must be clear about the problem, in the actual development, not only pay attention to the general business, the most critical thing is to strengthen the construction of the industry synergistic system.

First of all, the whole logistics chain of shipping should be established, and based on this, the top-level design should be started to lead the effective development of shipping enterprises. Specifically, the synergistic system of international shipping and trade is not simple, it involves many aspects such as strategic investment and route contract signing, so it is necessary to go deep into all angles and think comprehensively about the problems that will be encountered in the actual development, and constantly innovate the concept of synergistic development under the background of “Belt and Road” strategy, and enhance the importance of the synergistic development of shipping We should pay more attention to the synergistic development of shipping service and trade, so that the strategic thinking of related enterprises can be coordinated and ensure the synchronization of development actions.

In the actual construction of shipping logistics chain and trade synergistic system, it is necessary to take into account the suggestions made by the cargo owners as much as possible, not only that, but also the shipping market and relevant laws and regulations in the “Belt and Road” area, so as to carry out precise positioning for the self-set work and effectively ensure the construction of the synergistic system of the enterprise is more accurate. In order to achieve the actual needs of cargo owners.

In fact, the construction of “Belt and Road” strategic synergistic system can not be successfully achieved in a short period of time, but requires continuous optimization and integration of current resources, as well as corresponding adjustment according to actual changes, and continuous innovation and improvement of the system and cooperation methods, as well as continuous strengthening of the penetration of cooperation consciousness in terms of ideology, to show the direction of development to the enterprises of the cooperating countries. The company should also continue to strengthen the penetration of cooperation consciousness in its thinking and show the direction of development to the enterprises of the cooperating countries.

From the point of view of the enterprises concerned, the construction of the enterprise cooperative development system is quite difficult compared with the ordinary work, so it is necessary to equip the talents with sufficient business ability and cooperation consciousness, and we must vigorously develop the cultivation of such talents, so as to promote the long-term and stable development of international trade and shipping enterprises.

2.Use the effective shipping and trade innovation method   

Because the modern shipping management technology and the related concept have made great progress, therefore, in the actual “one belt and one road” development, in order to ensure the international shipping and the international trade to keep the synergistic state for the development, it is necessary to use the new shipping management method, the related enterprise will use the introduction of the overall logistics business system and the process assessment and other innovation In order to ensure the synergistic development of international shipping and international trade, new shipping management methods must be applied.   

Therefore, the international trade and shipping enterprises must pay attention to one point, that is, they need to carry out actual investigation and research on the unique market and culture of the “Belt and Road” area, in order to grasp the key content of each business link, not only that, but also to combine the new experience and mode of the enterprises within the industry, to enhance the potential of the participants. In addition, we will promote the synergistic development of international shipping and international trade by incorporating new experiences and models of companies within the industry.

In the actual business innovation operation, it is also necessary to develop and innovate the trade content and obtain new trade and shipping models. Specifically, if it involves cargo handling, route arrangement and other trade related aspects, it is necessary to establish close contact with the market and trade culture of the countries related to “One Belt and One Road”, and to sign medium and long term trade contracts with the changes of the international shipping market tariff, so as to prevent trade disputes and safety problems in the process of business innovation. In the process of innovation, trade disputes and safety accidents and other risk problems will be prevented.


According to the above discussion, we can know that because the world economic situation changes more frequently, such an environment is also a great development opportunity for our country’s shipping and international trade industry, so our country must grasp this opportunity of opening up and exchanging with the outside world in the new era.

The “Belt and Road” strategy covers the development of our country as a whole, and it also places high demands on the participants of international shipping and national trade, who are facing great challenges, but not only that, it is also a rare historical opportunity for their development. Therefore, it is necessary to think about how to promote the synergistic development of both, and to establish a reasonable and effective modern economic system, so that the level of China’s foreign economic development can be fully improved.