GS Series Electric Chain Hoist

A Gorbel Electric Chain Hoist is the ideal supplement to your Gorbel Work Station Crane, Jib Crane, Gantry Crane, or Cleveland Tramrail System. Depend on the name that has implied better execution at each level than give you a total, solid lifting framework, precisely when you want it. By adding bind derricks to the contribution, Gorbel offers the most advantageous conveyance and establishment in the business.

Our derrick line offers a wide scope of models in various velocities and abilities to address your issues. Our rough development makes them ideal for both high creation conditions and those applications requiring just occasional lifting and situating.

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Highlights and Benefits
Limits from 1/8 to 5 ton
Smaller body configuration ideal for any workspace and is great for low headroom applications
Simple establishment and movement
All parts from cog wheels to case are manufactured at a solitary area for unrivaled quality control
Accessible in an assortment of three stage arrangements just as 115-1-60
Suspension plates furnish firm connection with Gorbel Work Station Crane streetcars and I or W radiates
Completely encased, fan cooled engine
Tried as per ASME just as FEM/ISO
Smooth, calm activity


  1. Top caliber, efficient, protected and dependable hand chain block.
  2. Including a drop fashioned burden snare to forestall snapping while over-burdening.
  3. Plant tried and guaranteed.
  4. Heat treated for more prominent strength and to forestall wear.
  5. The launch of the snares has been made more extensive for simpler dealing with and working.
  6. Dependable circle brake and premium grade compound chain.
  7. Heat treated for more noteworthy strength and to forestall wear.