PP spunbond nonwoven texture and PP meltblown nonwoven texture are notable nonwoven texture in the world.Both of nonwoven texture are made by PP(Polypropylene)

PP spunbond or meltblown nownoven texture utilize distinctive assembling process when the creation line works.

PP spunbond consolidates fiber turning with web development by setting the holding gadget in accordance with spinning.Fibers are previous as the liquid polymer leaves the spinnerets and is extinguished by cooling air and testimony on a moving transport belt.It is feasible to single layer to multi-facets nonwove texture, for example, S/SS/SSS/SMS/SSMS/SMMS/SSMMS etc…It implies one layer fiber spread on another layer again and afterward warm bond together.

The vast majority of nonwoven textures are layered or shingled structure,the number of layers expanded with expanding premise weight;High solidarity to-weight proportions contrasted and other woven,and weaved structures.PP Spunbond nonwoven texture are described by tensile,tear,and burst strengths,elongation-to-break,weight,thickness,porosity and soundness to hotness and chemicals.These properties reflect texture organization and construction.


This machine is appropriate for PP(polypropylene) spunmelt non woven texture making. It utilized PP chips as unrefined components input, goes through the course of expulsion, turning, extinguishing, conclusion air extending, web arrangement, calendaring, winding and cutting according to necessities and afterward stuffed for capacity and conveyance.

BOSTON NONWOVEN lines are planned and made as per individual client prerequisites. Their conceivable space of use hence is correspondingly wide.

High result 3200mm SSMMS PP Spunbond nonwoven texture making machine for child diaper

High result 3200mm SSMMS PP Spunbond nonwoven texture making machine for child diaper, is made by A.L NONWOVEN, with high result 9000T/year(say 300days year,fabric 40gsm), and low power consupution 400kw.This machine type is the first which in China Spunbond Industry.

The assembling innovation of model AL-3200SSMMS non woven PP SSMMS Spunmelt Machine texture making machine, are ridiculously used to create texture underneath:

Clinical and Health.Such as operration suit , exposur suit, cap, cover, rub material, cement and so on

Argriculture. Like Cover for plant to hostile to ice, creepy crawly safe overhangs, shade garments, gathering packs for crops and so forth

Pressing and Linning: Bags for shopping and gift paket, dust cover, sleeoing pack for youngsters, calfskin shoes, baggage, family design, water confirmation, separating material, texture for roadbed and dam and so on

Portions of spunbonded non woven texture making machine for activity suit , veil :

Screw extruder – – > Rim charge assistant screw and reusing gadget – – >Spinning bar – – >Filter – – >Metering siphon – – > Monomer pull gadget – – – >Quenching air chamber – – > Stretching gadget – >Calender – – – > Winder and attractions framework – – > Rewinder

Working stream outline

Added substance (reusing waste )- – – >Raw material – – > Melting and Extruding – – >Filtering – – > Measuring – – > Spinning – – > Cooling – – > Air drawing – – >Web framing – – > Calendering – – >rolling up – – > cutting and pressing